Aside from what you already know about eponymous Emily and her pizza, she is also a yoga instructor who teaches vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga. She is highly interested in the therapeutic aspects of the practice and especially enjoys working with beginners, those recovering from injury, and those who seek to integrate their breath into mindful, everyday living. Emily is also a published poet whose work has appeared in the Brooklyn Review, Sixfold, and Stretching Panties. Her most recent manuscript, “The Storming Year,” is based on her experiences as a public school English teacher and instructional coach in NYC. Emily is honored to share this page with such a talented group of people and is amazed by the array of skills, interests, and ambitions of the awesome members of her staff! To learn about private instruction or to visit Emily for class, vist her website emilyhylandyoga.com


Matt was born in Brooklyn NY, where his parents read him sarcastic quips from Zagat before bed, and he adopted a lifestyle of eating pizza and dumplings that continues to this day. When his family moved to Greenwich, Connecticut, Matt quickly picked up playing lacrosse, which in retrospect was a solid ten years of training to use a pizza peel. After college in Rhode Island, Matt moved back to New York armed with a computer science degree, a pizza loving girl on his arm, and a love for food. He enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and has been cooking ever since. To Matt, EMILY is an American pizza place that is an homage to the two places Matt grew up – the two pizza capitals of the world – New York and Connecticut. When he is not in the kitchen he is looking at Google Maps, dreaming of clam shacks, keeping the secret “Matt” pizza under wraps,  and trying to convince Emily to eat dumplings. Matt Mapping
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For ten years, Annie has been on a meandering path towards becoming the biggest food geek you’ve ever met. From foie gras to french fries to fertilizers, any part of the way our food gets from farm to table (or pizza pan), is exactly what she wants to talk about. Since September 2015, she has been doing the hard work of raising the most amazing baby in Brooklyn–Jimmy was born into the world with a burger in his right hand and a slice of pizza in his left.  When he’s not busy charming the floor staff (aka keeping them from their side work), he’s at his mom’s side while she works hard to make this deliciousness machine hum.


Alyson Goodman resides in Brooklyn, NY and has come to adore New York and all of its 5 boroughs. She performs with the sketch comedy group, FUCT, throughout the city and the nation. Currently, Alyson is traveling to Chicago and performing in Italy making new discoveries with the Off-Color Theater Company. She stumbled upon EMILY within two months of it’s opening, (she is great friends with Emily’s sister Lauren) and intends to stay FOREVER as EMILY has become a home, a place of comfort,and somewhere with endless laughter, good friends, and trust. Alyson lives by one simple rule an old, good friend once shared: “do what feels good.” So she is, and enjoying the amazing journey along the way. For info on Aly’s comedy troupe, visit: www.fuctnyc.com/ Click Here for Details on Alyson’s New Show


A New Jersey native, college graduate, and socialite, Blayze Carter O’Brien loves that most simple yet complex of dishes, pizza. He has made pilgrimages to most of New York’s major pizzerias and he ultimately ended up working in the dough, sauce, and cheese trade three years ago. Eventually finding his way to Emily and Matt after working at Pizza Moto, Blayze has been with the Hylands (and their cat Joy) since opening the restaurant. For now, Blayze holds court over the most critical item of Emily, (according to him at least) the pizza dough, and enjoys spending time in his favorite dwelling spot within the restaurant, the basement (or Blayzement), which he shares with Ibou. He hopes to one day manage an outpost of Emily in Texas, write a wacky book of memoirs, and maybe become a late night talk show host. He’s living the dream.


Hailing all the way from the place where saying the word Florider is acceptable, Long Island; Mike is here living in Brooklyn to redeem himself of some unwanted dialect. He wanted to be the first bartender/artist to write a bio but 80% of the staff beat him to it, oh well. He performs with the NYC Gay Mens Chorus and is currently writing and producing a dramedy mini series that will be available to watch online, for free! He is excited to be a part of the very welcoming and warm staff of EMILY and if you mention this bio to him, he’ll be happy to give you a high five.


Marney likes to think of her life as a creative process. Having spent most of her early years conquering territories like a game of Risk, Marney settled in New York in 2009 to conquer her degree. She currently resides in Brooklyn, with her small red cactus and sometimes, her twenty pound cat whose name cannot be disclosed. Her studies are vast and her languages, multiple: skills she likes to direct towards being a ‘hostess supreme'(Vogue Italia). In her past time she enjoys writing, creating, reading, biking, eating, cooking, sleeping, and being ‘fly’ (Rolling Stone).


Born in West Africa’s most progressive capital city, Dakar, Senegal, glass-painting artist Ibrahima Ndoye has combined modernism and traditionalism to create a style unique to himself. Ibrahima, commonly known as “Ibou,” grew up as the oldest child of a family of four boys in the suburbs of Dakar. Ibou’s mother made her living as a dressmaker while his grandmother worked as a tie-dye artist. Regularly surrounded by colorful African textiles and fabrics, it is not surprising that Ibou says he “socialized with art and cohabited with colors” from a very young age. One would not need a dictionary, a large vocabulary, or a translator to understand his art, because it is 100% social in the sense that it has a social function, which allows it to deal with all the social ethics of modern and traditional life. Check out Ibou’s work: www.iboundoye.com/


A New York native, Sammy was born and raised in Queens; one of his first jobs was at the Diamond Club in Shea Stadium. Sammy is one of the chefs behind the burger here at EMILY, and he loves to make people smile with the food he makes. When not cooking up your Emmy Burger, Sammy can be found spending time with his amazing wife watching classic movies and eating Columbian food.




Hailing from Puerto Rico, Carl came to New York City to become a fire fighter. Instead, he fell into the craft of making pizza, which he loves, for it allows him to be hands-on, have fun, and be himself. A self-described geek, Carl enjoys comics, Star Wars, and honing his Spidey-senses. Carl likes the restaurant industry because it affords him the chance to interact with lots of different people and leaves his daytimes open for exploring the city. At EMILY, Carl is best known for his amazing knack for being the most enthusiastic person around.


Brought up in the kitchen by her Italian-Croatian mother, Rebecca has always had a love for cooking food and the smiles it brings to people’s faces. She’s left the monotony of the cubicle to immerse herself in her passions: food, hospitality, and the pleasure derived from both. By day she is an avid photographer shooting subjects ranging from culinary to lifestyle and interiors. She lives with her pizzaiolo boyfriend and their cat Kevin in Prospect Heights.