BLOOMBERG: The 19 Very Best Dishes of 2016


As a confirmed lover of melted cheese, I confess to being absurdly happy with just about any pizza at Emmy Squared, where the specialty is rectangular, Detroit-style pies. That means there’s a bready base covered directly with cheese before the sauce and toppings arrive. In the oven, the cheese fries around the sides, making it crispy, salty and greasy; the edge pieces are absolutely the best.

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BLOOMBERG: The Best Pizza in New York City, According to Top Chefs


Matthew Hyland, chef and owner of Emily pizza, explains why you’ll be instantly addicted to Adam Kuban’s bar pizza. “It’s a super thin crust pie baked in a pan with a crispy frico cheese edge,” he says.

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Where to Eat 2017 By Adam Platt


Matt and Emily Hyland’s vaunted Emmy Burger has received enough breathless press for a lifetime, so let me hyperventilate instead about the impressive roster of hungry-man sandwiches and block-shaped “Detroit style” pizzas now being served at their wildly popular new Williamsburg venture, Emmy Squared

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GOTHAMIST: The 11 Best New Restaurants Of 2016



Pizza had a great year in NYC, thanks in no small part to the robust Detroit pies flying out of the kitchen at Emmy Squared. This sister restaurant to Clinton Hill’s Emily made a huge splash when it opened in April, introducing NYC to buttery, fluffy pies with that signature rim of crunchy crust. From a spicy pepperoni to Hawaiian pizza to the gourmetification of ranch on pizza, Emmy Squared filled bellies in a substantial way in 2016 and will likely continue to do so for years upon years to come.

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Brooklyn Based: Brooklyn’s best eats, 2016: burgers, wine and pizza, pizza, pizza.


Pizza is always one of the best foods and no pizza made a bigger a splash in Brooklyn this year than the square, pan-baked Detroit-style pies at Emmy Squared. The offshoot location of Clinton Hill’s Emily, Emmy Squared proved that a pizzaiolo can make two completely different styles of pizza well.

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EATER: Ryan Sutton’s Top Dishes of 2016


Matt Hyland wants to help break New York pizza away from its Neapolitan-leaning status quo, and he’s done just that with both Emily in Clinton Hill, where his crusts take their cues from the chewy pizza-making traditions of New Haven, and now at Emmy Squared, where his pies tip their hat to the square ways of Detroit.

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ZAGAT: 10 Most Important NYC Restaurant Openings of 2016


Our hats off to the good folks at Emmy Squared, who killed it with their take on Motor City pies (admittedly a style close to our hearts) plus a seriously strong social media game. It’s never been this hip to be square.

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UrbanDaddy: We Did Some Good Eating This Year


Their style of pizza, as done at Emmy Squared (the slices are square), by Emily and Matt Hyland, is first-date perfection, and a food engineered to fortify one for a night of taking advantage of the things bars give you afterward.

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ADAM KUBAN: 8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams, 2016


How could I not include this place? NYC’s first Detroit-inspired pie, coming to you straight outta Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For those who haven’t encountered it, Detroit-style pizza is almost like a Sicilian–pan pizza hybrid whose distinguishing characteristic is a perimeter of baked-fried cheese that forms a frico-like crust as it comes into contact with the pan.

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