UrbanDaddy: We Did Some Good Eating This Year


Their style of pizza, as done at Emmy Squared (the slices are square), by Emily and Matt Hyland, is first-date perfection, and a food engineered to fortify one for a night of taking advantage of the things bars give you afterward.

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ADAM KUBAN: 8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams, 2016


How could I not include this place? NYC’s first Detroit-inspired pie, coming to you straight outta Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For those who haven’t encountered it, Detroit-style pizza is almost like a Sicilian–pan pizza hybrid whose distinguishing characteristic is a perimeter of baked-fried cheese that forms a frico-like crust as it comes into contact with the pan.

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EATER: The Best New Burgers of 2016


Like Emily before it, Matt Hyland has crafted another winning burger at Emmy Squared, his and partner/wife Emily Hyland’s Detroit-style pizzeria in Brooklyn. Dubbed Le Big Matt, the burger evokes the McDonald’s Big Mac with its double patty stack and American cheese, but offers a fiery finish thanks to the abundant Sammy sauce. $22, comes with waffles fries.

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First We Feast: NYC’s Best New Restaurants of 2016


It might be absurd that a pizza restaurant’s second outpost is making a list like this. But make no mistake—it’s not for a lack of great choices in new restaurants, but genuinely speaks to the level of upgrade that Emmy Squared is from Emily. For starters, it’s a bigger, bustier space, right in the heart of Williamsburg. But then there’s the O.G. Emily’s smart sensibilities about ingredient sourcing and ideas about what a perfect crust should be, taken and applied whole-hog to the Detroit-style square pizza—a crisp, crunchy pie, perfectly chewy, absurdly carb-y, dangerously tasty.

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TIME OUT NEW YORK: The 10 best NYC restaurants of 2016


Who’d have thought it would take a Detroit-style square to revitalize New York’s pizza scene? The spin-off of Emily and Matt Hyland’s Clinton Hill joint, Emily, kept up the overachieving tendencies of its predecessor.

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But just like Emily is about more than just the pizza (hello, Emmy burger), Emmy Squared is also good at more than just square pies. There are the crispy cheddar curds, an upgrade from your standard mozzarella sticks; a hefty, spicy chicken sandwich topped with salsa and ranch on a pretzel bun; and, because Matt Hyland knows his burgers, a downstairs burger bar open on weekends with Le Big Matt: a fast-food-style burger with beef patties from Fleishers, American cheese, pickles, and the pleasantly spicy “Sammy sauce.”

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EATER: NYC’s Best New Restaurants of 2016


The Detroit-style square pies, with sauce underneath the mozz and a crispy ring of frico (i.e. burnt cheese) on the exterior, are the pizza equivalent of a porterhouse for two, a shareable indulgence.

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New York City’s Best New Restaurants Of 2016


There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,837 pizza spots in this city, and there is an extremely low likelihood that you’ll be able to serve something that either A) competes with the best or B) is actually unique. Leave it to the people behind one of our all-time favorite places (Emily) to accomplish both A and B with Emmy Squared.

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Zagat: The Essential Guide to Brooklyn Pizza


Husband-and-wife team Matt and Emily Hyland have hit it big with their creative takes on two distinct pizza styles. First came Emily, a tiny pizzeria in Clinton Hill with a wood-burning oven. It was a quick hit, thanks to the couple’s unique take on both Neapolitan/New Haven–style pizza and hospitality. Just two years later, Emmy Squared opened in Williamsburg. A love-letter to Detroit-style pan pizza, the newcomer offers a style of ‘za not readily found in the borough or even New York City.

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Zagat: 25 Essential Dishes to Try in NYC


At the newest outpost, Emmy Squared in Williamsburg, the pie features the well known Detroit-style crust and burger ingredient toppings: Fleishers’ beef, American cheese, Sammy sauce, pickles and mizuna lettuce.

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