Zagat: The Essential Guide to Brooklyn Pizza


Husband-and-wife team Matt and Emily Hyland have hit it big with their creative takes on two distinct pizza styles. First came Emily, a tiny pizzeria in Clinton Hill with a wood-burning oven. It was a quick hit, thanks to the couple’s unique take on both Neapolitan/New Haven–style pizza and hospitality. Just two years later, Emmy Squared opened in Williamsburg. A love-letter to Detroit-style pan pizza, the newcomer offers a style of ‘za not readily found in the borough or even New York City.

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Zagat: 25 Essential Dishes to Try in NYC


At the newest outpost, Emmy Squared in Williamsburg, the pie features the well known Detroit-style crust and burger ingredient toppings: Fleishers’ beef, American cheese, Sammy sauce, pickles and mizuna lettuce.

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Eater Awards 2016: The National Winners


Winner: Instagram Badge of Honor

Perhaps Emmy Squared’s menu items weren’t explicitly designed with Instagram in mind. Perhaps. But they’ve proliferated on the platform nevertheless.

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Urbanologie: Must Visit


Serving deep-dish pizza in Williamsburg, this sophomoric venture from the team behind pie-centric Emily takes pies to another level of delicious indulgence.

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This Brooklyn spot is well known for the their incredible Detroit-style pizza and spicy chicken sandwich. But they should also be known for their okonomi fries.

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Gothamist: The Best New Burgers In NYC


Leave it to Williamsburg’s coolest new square-slice slinging pizza spot to serve up the best burger in the neighborhood.

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Refinery29The All-Time BEST Burgers In NYC


Don’t be fooled by the pizza-focused menu at Emily; this burger is legendary.

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Emily may be known for dishing out solid Neapolitan pizzas, pasta and Italian small plates; however, locals alike come here for the Emmy Burger: Fleisher’s pasture-raised dry-aged beef, caramelized onions, Grafton cheddar, ‘Emmy’ sauce, and cornichon on a pretzel bun. Pro tip: skip the pizza, and opt for this beast of a burger.

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ZAGAT: 8 New Pizzas to Try in NYC Right Now


At the newest outpost, Emmy Squared in Williamsburg, it’s melded with the Detroit-style crust they’re so famous for and topped with those classic burger ingredients: Fleishers beef, American cheese, Sammy sauce, pickles and mizuna lettuce. But between us, this pie is an off-menu secret, only available at the burger bar downstairs when you say the word.

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Food And Wine: Behold the Secret Burger Pizza at Emmy Squared’s Downstairs Bar




After Hyland turned the Emmy Burger into a pizza for a month-long stint at Emmy Squared, customers kept asking for it, and Hyland couldn’t resist revisiting the ultimate junk food mash-up with his namesake burger.

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