Emily may be known for dishing out solid Neapolitan pizzas, pasta and Italian small plates; however, locals alike come here for the Emmy Burger: Fleisher’s pasture-raised dry-aged beef, caramelized onions, Grafton cheddar, ‘Emmy’ sauce, and cornichon on a pretzel bun. Pro tip: skip the pizza, and opt for this beast of a burger.

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ZAGAT: 8 New Pizzas to Try in NYC Right Now


At the newest outpost, Emmy Squared in Williamsburg, it’s melded with the Detroit-style crust they’re so famous for and topped with those classic burger ingredients: Fleishers beef, American cheese, Sammy sauce, pickles and mizuna lettuce. But between us, this pie is an off-menu secret, only available at the burger bar downstairs when you say the word.

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Food And Wine: Behold the Secret Burger Pizza at Emmy Squared’s Downstairs Bar




After Hyland turned the Emmy Burger into a pizza for a month-long stint at Emmy Squared, customers kept asking for it, and Hyland couldn’t resist revisiting the ultimate junk food mash-up with his namesake burger.

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Time Out New York: The 100 best dishes and drinks in NYC 2016


As New Yorkers, it’s our God-given right to snub our nose at anything—especially anything pizza-related!—that wasn’t born and bred in our fair city. Detroit-style pies fell under such snobbish judgment—that is, until Matt and Emily Hyland, the married couple behind Clinton Hill pizza hit Emily, brought their excellent take on the squared-off Midwestern specialty to Brooklyn in April…

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ZAGAT: The 30 Best Burgers in America


Known for its killer wood-fired pizzas, Clinton Hill favorite EMILY is nearly equally acclaimed for its drool-worthy burger, which they only offer in limited quantity each night.

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Grub Street: 16 Excellent Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in October


Williamsburg’s smash hit Emmy Squared will give it the Detroit-inspired square treatment. Matt Hyland and Lou Tomczak are making theirs with vegetarian vodka sauce, the pizzeria’s usual proprietary cheese blend, olive oil, and a garnish of torn basil leaves.

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Bloomberg: The Best Pizzas in America Right Now


This Brooklyn pizzeria specializes in Detroit pizza, aka deep, square pies with the mozzarella spread directly on the dough. That’s especially good news for the corners and sides, where the cheese becomes crisp and caramelized.

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Emmy Squared, the second restaurant from the people behind Emily, is a full-on pizza rager – only with pizza better than anything your single-digit brain could have thought up. Emmy’s specialty is Detroit-style, which technically means it’s square and thick and the sauce is usually on top of the cheese – but those words don’t do it justice.

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BUZZFEED: NYC Entrepreneurs Offer Up Some Seriously Valuable Advice


Take care of the people who take care of your company…

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